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A Few Words From Our Clients

Cleaning Products

"Elda has been cleaning for us for a few years and we can highly recommend her! She routinely cleans our kitchen and bathrooms and was there for us during a tough time. Chimney cleaners did not prepare the fireplace properly and made a huge mess where soot and creosote spread throughout the entire house. Elda stepped in, gathered extra helpers and cleaned from top to bottom with the same attention and care that she continues to offer every time she comes to our house."

— Teresa, Cheverly, MD

Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Materials

"Ms. Elda is Amazing. She takes pride in her work and takes her time to make sure she cleans your home the way she would her own. Having tried a variety of different services, from big cleaning companies to other small businesses, none have cleaned with the detail orientedness that Ms. Elda has. When you think cleaning, many clean in a way that makes it appear clean, but Ms. Elda actually THOROUGHLY cleans under things and not just around things. I trust her to keep our home clean in the way that I want to maintain it but just don't have the time to do so. Being home during the pandemic, our home gets noticeably dirtier quicker and her regular visits make our home livable."

-Amy, Cheverly, MD

"Elda is a true professional! I don't think I could make my house sparkle like she does if I spent all weekend on it. She has been flexible when our schedules change and is quick to communicate if hers does. She is also just a genuinely kind and lovely human. We are so lucky to have her in our lives." 

— Shannon, Cheverly, MD

Cleaning Staff at Work
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